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You are at the home of Wild Wings Aussies. We are located in Red Oak Texas. Produced by  AKC registered sires and dams who have champion pedigrees. Bam our sire is AKC pointed, with champions all through his pedigree. Annie our Dam is AKC registered and also has champions through her pedigree. Socialized at birth, in our home these puppies will be intelligent, athletic and able to perform in any venue. 

Our dogs can go any direction you want to take them: show ring, working or just an awesome family pet. They are raised on our small family 10 acre farm with the horses and chickens.

You are Just in Time!

October 2021 (2) Litters

Are Here !!!!      

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puppies are here !!  Contact us to get yours !!!


PUPPIES are here---- GIVE US A CALL  214-850-0226

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September and October Litters are here !!!             contact us now to choose yours 



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Litter 2021

Puppies Are Here !!!

Puppies Available !! 

 Litter 2019

Puppies Born: 7

This litter was born on June 1, 2019. The parents were GeGe and Grayson There were 7 puppies etc...

Puppies Available 0

Yes We Ship!

We have placed our puppies in over 20 US States. 

Puppy Shipping Process

We have shipped puppies all across the country with great success! Here is our step guide for how it works!

  • A $200.00 deposit will secure your litter pick.
  • When the litter is born, we will start sending you pictures.
  • Next, you will make a tentative pick. 
  • As the puppies mature and grow we can help you nail down that perfect puppy. 
  • We will continue to send updated pictures and keep in contact thru phone, text and e-mail. 
  • At between 7 & 8 weeks your pup will be ready for their forever home and will have been wormed and up to date on vacciinations.
  • You may pick up your new companion at our place in Red Oak, TX  or we can meet you at DFW airport.  
  • Lastly, Love and enjoy your puppy! And send us pictures to keep us updated with the newest addition to your family! We love all of our puppies and we love to get updates on them!
  • And if you have any questions or concerns at all, Call Karol and she will take care of you! (214) 850-0226


Our Champion Pedigree Sire & Dam

The genetics of our breeding pairs guarantee that our Australian Shepherd puppies will have the conformation and temperament sought after by AKC Australian Shepherd standard.They make great family pets and are so good with kids. Our puppies come with a health guarantee, first puppy vaccinations, tails docked & dew claws removed.



Wild Wings Calamity Jane


Dog owners have an obligation to their dog and to their community to ensure that their pet is happy, socialized and well trained.


Wild Wings Lady Bird


Dog owners have an obligation to their dog and to their community to ensure that their pet is happy, socialized and well trained.



(CH) Cedar Hill Haute Rod


There are many different dog competitive events and activities you can enjoy, giving you great opportunities to meet other dog lovers and have fun.


(CH) Cedar Hill Let The Games Begin

There are many different dog competitive events and activities you can enjoy, giving you great opportunities to meet other dog lovers and have fun.

Guaranteed Conformation and Temperament

As trusted local dog breeding center, we focus on providing the best, most healthy pets to our customers.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We care what our pet owners think of us and so should you. We are partners in this decision and your success with your new pet is ours.

From the first time we spoke to Karol on the phone, we knew she was the breeder for us and that we were going to add a WildWings Aussie to our family. We visited the puppies a few weeks after they were born, and while we were only looking for one we came home with two! On 12-2019 we welcomed Mac and Kai to our home.

These two are the smartest dogs we have every owned. I literally taught them to obey a sit command in less than 5 minutes! We are so excited to have them as a part of our family and are looking forward to sharing our life with them.


The How Family

Magnolia, Texas

 My dog/best friend past away about a year before I met Wildwing Aussies, I did not think I could love another dog like that again or have a dog that was so perfect. We spoke to Karol so many times, I think I drove her crazy but she was so patient with me and she picked out a special puppy just for me, that once I saw her I knew she was going to be perfect. Before we even went to go pick her up I then decided to get 2 puppies so they could entertain each other when I was at work. These puppies/girls are the smartest, sweetest temperament and best dogs we have ever had. They are a perfect fit to our family.  


Barrie Corenman

Barrie Corenman

Chatsworth Ca.

Back in December of 2018, we purchased an Aussie puppy from a breeder we did not know.  My husband wanted an Aussie so we ventured off to what we thought would be the best thing of our life.  After 1 one week we found our Aussie puppy which we had fallen in love with dead!  After one week it is pretty amazing how attach the heart can get to these precious animals.  We were devasted needless to say and it was a sad situation, but it brings me to this great testimonial I have today.  My husband was so heart broken that he did not want anymore dogs, but I assured him he did.  After reaching out to a family member who showed dogs (Labs).  She got back with us on two breeders.

One of the breeders had a waiting list and you did not even get to pick your own puppy and Wild Wing Aussies had several puppies for sale.  We had caught them just at the right time.  So we made contact with them and headed out the next afternoon to go see them.  We also had planned on spending the night at a hotel in town so that we could visit with them more than once to make sure we were making the right decision.  We were excited to see these little fluff balls and they too were excited to see us.  After visiting with the breeders they answered every question we could possibly have about owning one of these fine dogs.  We are not young parents  but they keep us young.  These breeders know their breed and love them too. 

After arriving at their house,  We got to meet all the  beautiful puppies that were for sale.  It was so hard to choose so we let them choose us.  We went with the intention to purchase one puppy but ended up with two.  These puppies are so loyal and all they want is attention and love.  We have one female re-tri and one male black-tri.  They also keep each other company and they are never alone.  Everyone who sees us walking these dogs know right away that they are a show pedigree.  They always comment on how beautiful they are.  Also, when people would arrive to the house and came inside they would always comment on how well behaved they were for their ages.  These dogs are the best at trying to make you happy. 

After starting our exciting journey with these now family members,  We immediately enrolled both of them in puppy training so we would have well behaved dogs as they grew older.  MY trainer thought that we had lost our minds getting two Aussies at our age. They are high energy dogs and do require attention but what dog doesn’t.   Well after 6 months she apologized because she said she never thought she would see that these puppies would do as well as they did in their training.  They are highly intelligent animals and so for fun we now have them in agility training.  As I am typing this my female Aussies comes into the study and sits beside me and is communicating with me.  She is trying to get my attention.  So I turn my chair around and start to talk to her trying to figure out what she wants.  I immediately said Harlee show me what you want and she takes off to the kitchen into the pantry where she knows her Chicken Jerky is.  I think that is so crazy that they can communicate to us their needs.  

I cannot express how Thankful I am that I found this breeder.  They are concerned about the welfare of their dogs.  You won’t be disappointed should you choose them as your breeder!

To this day I have maintained a relationship with this breeder and from time to time send video and pictures of our dogs to them!  Our puppies are now a little for a year old and are one of the best parts of our day. 

These two are the smartest dogs we have every owned. I literally taught them to obey a sit command in less than 5 minutes! We are so excited to have them as a part of our family and are looking forward to sharing our life with them.                 -Karen and Richard

Karen and Richard Gill

Montgomery, Texas

We will always be grateful for finding Wildwings Aussies.  Kora and Blu have brought us so much joy.  The cats even love them, as do our grandkids!  Words cannot express the amount of love we have for our smart and beautiful fur babies.


-Chuck and Renee

Chuck and Renee

League City, Texas

I first off would like to thank Karol and Gale for being so kind, professional and so knowledgeable about the breeding of Australian shepherds.

Wildwingsaussies are one of a kind, in there knowledge of the blood lines going as far back as we had wanted to know, and it didn’t stop there.  We had just suffered a great loss in losing our long time family pet member, One phone call or two and a road trip later, we had our new found love! 

We have purchased two different times from wildwingsaussies, and as long as they are in business we’ll keep coming back!  Their quality of stock is bar none, and their compassion for what they do is top notch!!  On our second purchase we were notified as soon as the mama was pregnant and we looked so forward to the delivery,it was The greatest experience ever!!! 

My husband and I have ranched all our lives and have been around some very smart working dogs but I’ll have to say, without a doubt our two girls that we purchased from this company, have been the most automatic from the get-go smart,attentive and willing to learn quicker than any dog I’ve ever owned, oh and did I mention The most beautiful built,beautiful coat,beautiful head overall most beautiful dogs ever! Thank you ladies for all that you do! 

- Rod and Trayc

Rod and Trayc

Elmore city, Oklahoma

We called Wildwing Aussies when we were interested in getting an Australian Shepherd puppy.  My husband found them online when we were looking. 

They were extremely nice and gave us two different references of previous clients who purchased Aussies from them.  They both had nothing but wonderful things to say about their experience and Aussies. 

We went the following weekend to see a baby girl puppy who we were very interested in.  We got to meet the puppy's mom and dad and talk more with Karol and Gayle.  They answered all of our questions and we brought home our baby girl, Stella.  She has been such a wonderful dog.  She's extremely smart, healthy and very easy to train.  A few months later, we decided we would love to give Stella a playmate and called Wildwing Aussies again and got a boy puppy, Duke. 

He's also a very intelligent and healthy boy!  We brought both puppies to our vet soon after we brought them home for a check up and shots. After the examination on both puppies, our veterinarian said they were perfect and extremely healthy.  Both of these dogs have been such a blessing to our family!  They are both extremely intelligent and lovable!  We still keep in touch often with Wildwing Aussies.  They have been available anytime we have a question or concern about one of the puppies.

I don't think there is anyone more knowledgeable about the Australian Shepard breed than Karol and Gayle.  You can tell they have a deep love for these dogs and that love is passed on to the puppies that come to our homes. They were also very thorough with the AKC documentation and sent us the papers right away.  We can't recommend them enough!  

- Kimberly and Paul Purcell

Kimberly and Paul Purcell

Kingwood, Texas

Ed and I are so thankful we found Wild Wings Aussies.  We purchased a brother and sister from them in 2017.  We made a visit prior to picking up the puppies to see the parents and visit with Karol and Gail.  They were so patient and helpful answering all our questions.  They frequently checked to see how things were going throughout the first year of the puppies lives, plus they were available any time I wanted to contact them with questions.   It was a big learning curve for us to have two puppies at the same time – but oh my goodness the payoff was well worth it!  

  • Both puppies went to puppy class separately.  They did great! 
  • Both puppies went to Basic Manners Class separately.  They did great again! 
  • Both puppies went to Canine Good Citizen class separately. 
  • They both earned their CGC Certificates at just over a year old.
  • Both puppies also earned their Novice Trick Titles.

Joy and Zorro are both currently Pet Therapy dogs in some of the nursing homes in our area.  The residents are so happy to pet them and play with them. 

As you can see these Australian Shepherds make wonderful dogs.  They are very, very intelligent.  Always eager to learn something new.  Plus they are good watch dogs.  They alert if anyone is near our yard, but they stop barking as soon as I tell them its okay.  

We look forward to new adventures with these wonderful dogs.

- Ed and Kay Smalley

Ed and Kay Smalley

Tomball Texas

Our experience with Wild Wings Aussies has been nothing short of awesome! One year ago, February 9, 2019, we welcomed Sarah into our family.


She is a beautiful Blue Merle. She arrived with a sweet, loving, and incredibly social personality. She is extremely athletic and loves to play. Without a doubt, Sarah's most amazing traits are her intelligence and her dedicated efforts to learn and to please us. She does both on a regular basis.


These traits are reflected in her eyes when she looks at us with her "What's next?" attitude. Karol has over many years of study and breeding her championship caliber Australian Shepherds, perfected her skills and honed her knowledge as a breeder in order to produce these superior puppies. More loving, kind, and knowledgeable owners than Karol and Gayle would be hard to find. 


My wife and I are very fortunate to have Sarah and we would, and do, recommend Wild Wings Aussies to anyone who loves this beautiful breed and is looking for a hard working farm hand or  wants to add a loving for life family member into their home. You will not be disappointed! 


- Mike and Rhonda Cannon

Mike and Rhonda Cannon

Benton, Louisiana

We lost our very small 4 legged baby in May of 2019 and had a void in our lives. Our kids are older and she was our child. We knew we had to fill that void but decided we wanted a larger breed. My husband came across the Aussies and decided to research them.


He and I did a lot of research and came across Wild Wing Aussies. We fell in love. The two owners are very helpful and knowledgeable about the breed. We chose our little girl and we’re truly in love with her. She’s almost 8 months old, very smart and beautiful.


We thought she would be our only Aussie until about 3 weeks ago we got a call from Wild Wing Aussies asking if we would be interested in a red tri female. We wanted a playmate for our Tesla but didn’t want another puppy. After a little deliberation, we went for it! We all (including Tesla) love her!!


Thanks for our beautiful girls!


James and Allison Ballard 

James and Allison Ballard 

Waxahachie Texas

I can’t recommend Wild Wings Aussies enough.  The love and care they receive as puppies shows through from the day you receive them. 


Ranger, my little boy, is 3 years old.  He is gentle and loving and just a wonderful companion, always at my side whenever I’m home.  If I’m doing something, he’ll hang out in the room with me, every now and then coming over and lying his head on my knee to ask for some petting.  When watching TV, he will curl up on the floor at my feet, always in arms reach (in case I want to reach down and pet him).  He is an absolute love muffin.


His intelligence amazes me, and he understands more than I ever thought a dog could.  He was very easy to train, and picked up all his commands quickly and easily.  It’s so cute when he’s really paying attention to me, he cocks his head to the side and looks at me very intently.  I’m also grateful for his intelligence because we have had lots of challenges lately, and he does well with the fact that his schedule changes regularly. 


His temperament is amazing.  He is calm, doesn’t show jealousy, and has even been known to share his food bowl.  He loves people and other animals.  He came to us very socialized, and we just love that we have always been able to take him to a park or over a friends’ house and have never had to worry about his manners.  He is actually so well behaved that if he is playing with other dogs in the park, he will come immediately when called.


Karol and Gail are amazing breeders.  They really care about every one of their dogs.  I have been in touch with them regularly since the day I got Ranger.  They have been wonderful about answering questions, calming concerns, and just sharing their knowledge.  If I contact them, I have always heard back in a very short time.  It is obvious that they really do care about their puppies and want to see each of them have the best lives they can. 


Everyone should be lucky enough to be owned by one of these pups.       


- Eileen Nicely

Eileen Nicely

Hamiton, NJ

I bought Lily all the way from Virginia, and Karol and Gail were great to do business with! I couldn't pick out my puppy in person, and so Karol and Gail sent pictures, described personalities, and helped pick the right dog for me.

Once I settled on Lily, I received weekly pictures of her. I flew to Dallas to get Lily, and they met me at the airport. The three of us and Lily spent a good 20-30 minutes together getting acquainted. I could tell from how emotional they were parting with Lily, that she had truly been loved and well cared for.

Lily is now 8 months old, and I'm still in frequent contact with Karol and Gail. They are always willing to answer any questions I have about raising Lily. And they really nailed it in helping me choose her.

Lily is truly the right dog for me. She is absolutely beautiful (as nearly every stranger we meet tells me), and she has the sweetest disposition. As a single dog owner, I wanted a smart, adaptable, dog - and that is what I got!  

Rhiannon Killeen 

Rhiannon Killeen 

Charlottesville Virginia

We learned about Wild Wing Aussies while waiting at a restaurant drive-up in Austin.  Two of the most beautiful blue merles jumped out of a pickup truck to play in the grassy yard next to the restaurant - they were classic Aussies: full-sized, noble, agile, self-possessed, and they moved like water. 

I had to know more about these wonderful dogs, so I made a beeline across the grass to meet them.  The owners told me they came from Wild Wing in Red Oak, TX, and I was reading their website on my phone before I even made it back to the car!  

A couple of months later, we were picking up our new Wild Wing puppies and the rest is history.  Our 2 pups, Dillon & Jasper, have been pure delight.  We take them with us everywhere and they are part of the family. 

They are loving, confident, intelligent, observant, well-mannered, and so easy to train. Their high-spirited, mischievous personalities make us laugh out loud every day, and watching them work together as a fast, athletic team is a sight to behold. 

Karol & Gayle run a terrific operation at Wild Wing Aussies.  It’s obvious that they love what they do and they love love love their dogs.  As breeders, they are responsible, careful and diligent, producing pups that are the perfect mix of companion & working dog with excellent confirmation and temperament. 

Their puppies are healthy, beautiful, affectionate, smart, and nicely socialized with humans and other animals.  As business women, they are professional, responsive, accountable, and they are great educators & communicators.  They will be with you every step of the way, sending you “pup”dates in the early weeks and following up with you periodically once you take your new pup home.  

I would strongly recommend Wild Wing Aussies to anyone considering this breed - you would be so lucky to have one of these puppies in your life!       

- Anya Darrow 

Anya Darrow 

 Austin, Texas 

I must first say the ladies at Wild Wings Aussies are wonderful people and their Australian Shepherds are amazing dogs.  

They do an exceptional job having their puppies ready to go to their next home.  I have had Aussies for 38 years and know exactly what I was looking for in my next dog.  That is why I am so thankful I chose Wild Wings Aussies.  

I have had Banner for three years now and he is above and beyond what I was hoping for.  He is very beautiful and very intelligent.  He has great conformation with a good mix of size, strength and athleticism.  Although what I love most about him is the companionship and his loyalty.  Wherever I go he wants to go.  If it is a trip to town, feeding cows, saddling a horse to move cattle or a walk in the woods he is always by my side.  

I will definitely be getting my next Australian Shepherd from Wild Wings Aussies.

- Brandon Shirah


Brandon Shirah

Tishomingo Oklahoma

FAQs about the Australian Shepherd breed

Breeding dogs has been a passion for people through many centuries. Part art, part science, and total devotion, breeding will show you all the best in the human-and-dog bond.

It is exciting and challenging. That`s why, here we have collected the answers to the most commonly asked questions related to the dog`s breeding.

A Breed Apart!
Breed Characteristics
Aussies and Water
Health and the Aussie Breeder

Photo Gallery

Australian Shepherds are people dogs that thrive on human companionship. Ours live in our house with us as members of our family. The Australian Shepherd breed is known for their high intelligence, easy to train and eagerness to please. They have become highly regarded for their skills in the competitive sports of obedience, agility and flyball. In their forever homes our puppies have gone on to do all of these and a variety of other roles in the show ring, work as stockdogs, search and rescue dogs and therapy dogs.

We are happy to share some of our placed dogs. If you want your pup posted on our site send us a picture and we will be happy to post it.

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