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Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Texas

​Annie is our cowgirl, she loves to work.Annie will herd our horses,chickens,grand kids anything she can herd.She is very sweet, loves every one.If you have an Aussie or been around one,its like they look into your eyes, to look into your soul.

​Acura`s Viva La Bam

​Western Wings Annie Oakley




​Bam is our Diva, he loves to love and be loved.He is all about being pretty and not getting too dirty.Bam loves kids,well, he loves every one.He is very sweet.Our boy passes some of all these traits on to his puppies.

​Bam and Annie are our breeding pair.This is a beautiful pairing of Australian shepherds which make beautiful aussie puppies,both black tries and blue merles.

​Australian Shepherd Puppies for sale,resevere your australian shepherd puppy

​last updated --March 4,2019

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​You are at the home of Wild Wings Aussies,we are located in Red Oak Texas.Produced by an AKC registered sire and dam who have champion pedigrees.Bam our sire is AKC pointed, with champions all through his pedigree.Annie our Dam is AKC registered and also has champions through her pedigree.Socialized at birth,in our home these puppies will be intelligent,athletic and able to perform in any venue


​Puppies for sale

Western Wings Annie Oakley

australian shepherd puppies for sale 

These Australian Shepherd Puppies are now in their forever homes all across the USA.

   Australian Shepherds,beautiful AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES


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